Ideas For Incorporating Coloured Concrete In Your Garden Landscape

Enhancing your garden landscape provides an opportunity to express your creativity and to generate the haven you desire. One material that allows for freedom of expression is concrete. You can decorate it with numerous shades and textures to provide endless looks and design options. Here are some ideas for improving your garden with coloured concreting.

Retaining Wall

A retaining wall can help to level out a sloping garden, or you can use a barrier to create raised garden beds overflowing with beautiful foliage and flowers. Concrete is extremely tough and perfect for constructing a sturdy wall. Colour the cement with a shade that harmonises with your home architecture and the natural elements. Contractors can apply various surface colours and textures that replicate natural stone or even timber. 

Pool Deck

If you love being in the outdoors and lounging around your pool, consider concrete pavers for the decking. Colour the cement in shades of blue, green, terracotta or white to enhance your landscape. Around a pool, the flooring needs to be safe as well as beautiful. Add textured pavers or else incorporate a stamped or stencilled concrete deck. Texture mats indent the unset cement and create a surface with an added grip so you can relish in your sanctuary in safety.

Outdoor Furniture

Some outdoor furniture can begin to fade and break apart after only a short time in the elements. Concrete furniture, however, is ideally suited to harsh conditions. Why not create a meditation garden in a peaceful space amongst the foliage? Surround it with a concrete bench and pile it with outdoor cushions. A concrete stepping stone pathway, filled with river stones, provides the perfect entryway. Being so customisable, you'll be able to colour the cement stepping-stones to harmonise with the environment perfectly.

Bubbling Pond

Running water, bubbling away, creates a soothing background noise in a garden. A concrete outdoor pond, filled with swimming fish and a solar-powered fountain will provide the perfect respite after a busy day. Relax on some concrete furniture that lines the pond. For a classic effect, install square uniform pavers, and incorporate the elements in a central symmetrical way. For instance, make sure the fountain is in the middle of the pond and the furniture evenly arranged. Customise the pavers to replicate sandstone or leave them a light grey or cream to finish off your recluse. You can gaze around and enjoy the environment as you sip on your favourite drink with a loved book or magazine.