3 Benefits of Using Precast Concrete Kerbing

While you can use extrusion to build concrete kerbing on site, you can use precast kerbing instead. What are the advantages of choosing a ready-made solution?

1. Get Stronger Kerbing

Using slipform machinery to extrude concrete on a work site works well in practice. Here, you build kerbing along a road or path as you go along. The concrete comes out partly set and then hardens after the build.

You do have to take extra care during this process to create even and strong kerbs. If your mix is even a little off in some way, then you might not get the quality you need. Some of your kerbing might not be robust enough to last for years. If you have to change concrete mix partway though the job, then your kerbing might not all have a uniform appearance.

Precast concrete kerbing gives you a stronger and more uniform solution. Your manufacturer has the time to cast the kerbing and then let it harden and cure in a protected environment. By the time you get your delivery, your kerbing is in exactly the right shape.

2. Get a Quicker Build

While concrete extrusion is a quick process, you might end up with time delays that affect your schedule. For example, you'll have to wait until the site is ready and cleared before you can start the kerbing process. If you need to close down or cordon off a long stretch of road, then you might not be able to choose the exact day you start work on this part of the project.

Plus, if you have a spell of heavy rain, then you might lose some time. You might need to put up protective canopies to keep the extruded concrete dry as you work.

If you use precast products, then you simply put in your order and wait for it to arrive. Once you're ready to start laying kerbs, you have everything you need on site. You can even work in stages here without organising major road closures. Plus, precast concrete is easier to work with in bad weather, so you won't have any delays.

3. Get More Customisation Options

While extrusion machines give you some customisation options, you might need kerbing that is an unusual shape, height, size or colour. If an extrusion machine doesn't give you the flexibility you need, then a precast product will work better for you. Your manufacturer can create fully customised kerbing to exactly meet your specification.

To find out more about precast concrete kerbing options, contact commercial kerbing contractors.