Types of Decorative Concrete for Functional Patios

There are homeowners that do not use their patio. They may have a very small patio or the patio may not be suitable for year-round enjoyment. For this reason, a patio expansion may be on the list of home improvement ideas. Part of the patio expansion is ensuring it fits your lifestyle needs as well as your decor theme. One way to do that is by using decorative concrete. Here are some decorative concrete ideas and how they can enhance your outdoor patio living space.

Stamped Decorative Concrete

The most common and most popular form of decorative concrete is stamped concrete. This type of concrete can have many different designs and patterns. With this type of concrete, you can purchase the concrete pre-stamped and ready for installation. However, you can also go with the option of having the concrete poured and stamped onsite. The choice is up to you as both do have their benefits. Your concrete contractor can show you the designs they have available and discuss care instructions for each. 

Stained Decorative Concrete

Stained decorative concrete is an option available to you if you have a pre-existing patio foundation and want to extend that foundation. Once the concrete contractor places the extension of the patio slab, they can then begin staining it. Staining for concrete comes in a variety of colours. You can choose the colour that best fits your outdoor decor theme. You can also choose to have texturing done during the staining process. Keep in mind that the staining process usually has a sealant step to ensure the stain does not fade over time. 

Overlay Decorative Concrete

Overlays are a way to add different styles and textures to your concrete. It is also a way that many homeowners use to help update their concrete or to renovate it. This is because your contractor can do repairs and then apply the decorative overlay before sealing the finished work. This gives you a unique option that fits your own personal style rather than going with mass-produced store-bought options. 

A concrete contractor will be able to deliver and place the decorative concrete of your choice. They will also be able to discuss further options with you. If you have other areas of concrete on your property, the contractor can inspect those areas and determine if any upgrades or repairs should be made.  If you decide to move forward with these repairs and upgrades, your contractor can schedule a date to begin.