Pole To Pole: Choosing Essential Safety Equipment For Your Scaffolding Setup

It goes without saying that safety equipment is vital whenever you or your workforce is operating on scaffolding, especially if the project is a large one with multi-storey scaffolding setups involved. However, scaffolding safety equipment isn't merely limited to the equipment supplied to your workforce, such as head protection and fall-arrestance cables; other equipment, which is attached directly to your scaffolding, should always be used to maximise workplace safety for visitors and passersby as well as your own employees. [Read More]

Advantages of using exposed aggregate as poolside decking

Exposed aggregate is gaining popularity as a groundcover around pools. It has many advantages over traditional pool paving.  Slip resistant finish The naturally textured surface of aggregate creates a higher level of slip resistance than slippery bricks. The aggregate can also be painted with an anti-slip coating which increases the slip resistance of the pool deck. Pool decks can get very slippery, particularly on a hot day when people are getting in and out of the pool, so this can be a great advantage. [Read More]

Troubleshooting Common Problems With Concrete Surfaces

If your home's driveway, walkways, patio, or other concrete surfaces are showing signs of cracking, discoloration, chips, and the like, you don't want to just cover over these problems and assume the surface will be fine. When concrete chips or otherwise breaks, it's good to figure out why this is happening and then address that problem before pouring new concrete, or the new concrete will eventually chip and crack just as easily. [Read More]

Does Precast Concrete Have a Place on Your Site?

Precast concrete is simply concrete that has already been poured into a mold and cured before being transported to your construction site. If you are over a small business, you are always looking for opportunities to improve the quality of what you produce along with the price at which you produce it. Precast concrete has a few benefits for your site, and it is worth considering to see if you can produce a better quality product with less work for your team. [Read More]