Advantages of using exposed aggregate as poolside decking

Exposed aggregate is gaining popularity as a groundcover around pools. It has many advantages over traditional pool paving. 

Slip resistant finish

The naturally textured surface of aggregate creates a higher level of slip resistance than slippery bricks. The aggregate can also be painted with an anti-slip coating which increases the slip resistance of the pool deck. Pool decks can get very slippery, particularly on a hot day when people are getting in and out of the pool, so this can be a great advantage. It's especially popular with householders with members who are less steady on their feet, including young children, the elderly and people with disabilities. The surface can also be laid smoothly with no edges, which means there are fewer trip accidents as well. 

Weed free surface

Weeding between the cracks of pavers is no-one's favourite job. The combination of a sunny location and lots of water means that the poolside is a very fertile place for weeds and small plants to grow, especially in the tight spots between the pavers. Using aggregate stops there being any gaps for dirt to accumulate and weeds to grow, which means that owners don't need to spend time weeding. This not only saves time but also creates a much smoother and more attractive finish for entertaining. 

Easy clean surface

Surfaces around the pool can easily have spills, both of drinks and food as well as sunscreen or other common poolside items. These can easily be cleaned off using a high powered hose, which can be very convenient. The quicker you can remove spills, the less likely they are to stain, which keeps the pool area looking great and gives you more time to be in the pool rather than maintaining the area. 

Matched textures

If you are installing a new pool, another great feature of exposed aggregate is that you can match not only the colours but also the textures and shade in the pool (including having reflective options within the aggregate to help create a shimmering surface). This can create a unique and modern surface finish compared to the more traditional appearance of brick pavers. 

If you are looking to spruce up your pool area, then replacing pavers with exposed aggregate as poolside decking can be a great option. Why not call an exposed aggregate company to discuss your pool area and start exploring the best option for your yard?