How to Resurface Your Old Concrete Floors Like a Pro

Are you looking to renew your old concrete floors? If the floors are still structurally intact but have lost their initial appearance and beauty due to wear and tear, consider resurfacing them to make them look new again and extend the life of the concrete. Concrete floor resurfacing eliminates the cost and hassle associated with having your floors replaced altogether. But do you know how to go about it?  If you're looking to tackle the job yourself, it helps to learn how the pros do it. [Read More]

Types of Decorative Concrete for Functional Patios

There are homeowners that do not use their patio. They may have a very small patio or the patio may not be suitable for year-round enjoyment. For this reason, a patio expansion may be on the list of home improvement ideas. Part of the patio expansion is ensuring it fits your lifestyle needs as well as your decor theme. One way to do that is by using decorative concrete. Here are some decorative concrete ideas and how they can enhance your outdoor patio living space. [Read More]

Design Ideas for Decorative Concrete Around Your Pool

Pool decking should fulfil two aims. First, it needs to be safe and not slippery. Second, it needs to create a harmonious and relaxing environment. Decorative concrete can help with both of these things. Here are two design variations to consider. Exposed Aggregate Exposed aggregate concrete is filled with colourful stones and pebbles. Once the top layer of cement is washed away, they protrude and give the paving a bumpy feel. [Read More]