How to Know It Is the Right Time to Replace Your Concrete Driveways

With proper repair and maintenance, your concrete driveways can last for at least three decades. Nevertheless, many factors may affect the durability of your concrete driveways. For instance, if you expose your driveways to daily foot and vehicle traffic, sunlight and other harsh weather elements, they may start to wear and tear. It is not advisable to overlook the minor damage because it may undermine the overall integrity of your driveways. If you allow the damage to escalate, getting it repaired might be a costly and time-consuming process. 

As a property owner, once your driveways get old, you might find yourself wondering whether or not it is the right time to get them replaced. Here are three critical signs it is time to hire experienced contractors to replace your concrete driveways.

When Deep and Wide Cracks Develop

Your driveways might develop cracks over time due to a variety of reasons, including the heaving of the ground underneath, harsh weather elements and constant traffic. If left unrepaired, the cracks might deepen and widen after some time. For instance, water can seep into the concrete driveway cracks and force them to broaden as it freezes. 

It is hard to fill wide and deep cracks. When you experience this situation in your property, it is advisable to hire competent concrete contractors to replace your driveways, which will prevent further damage and make the cleaning process easier.

When Big Potholes Are Present

If concrete driveway cracks are left unrepaired for a long time, they may develop into big and dangerous potholes. Your driveways may also develop potholes due to the aging process or as a result of driving heavy trucks on them. It is advisable to hire a concrete expert to fix the potholes before the problem escalates. However, if the potholes keep coming back after repairing them, replacing the entire driveway is the best solution because there might be a severe problem underneath the concrete. 

When Portions of the Driveway Sink

When you notice that portions of your driveway are sinking, it is advisable to hire concrete specialists to examine the issue and offer the best solutions. This problem might occur due to poor drainage or improper landscaping. Failure to rectify this issue might lead to water stagnation, which will become breeding grounds for mosquitoes and other pests. 

Repairing sunken pavements might be a waste of time and money, especially if the concrete is in poor condition or old. Hiring experienced concrete contractors to replace your driveways is the best option to eliminate this problem. 

As a property owner, if your concrete driveways are displaying any of the above signs, you should not hesitate to hire competent concrete contractors to replace them. A smooth driveway will give you a perfect driving and parking experience. However, you must hire licenced, insured, reputable and skilled contractors to remove your old driveway and install a new one to enhance efficiency.

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