See the 3 Critical Processes Involved During Professional Brick Restoration

One of the things that people love about brick houses is their classic and rustic beauty. Bricks are perfect for enhancing the interiors and exteriors of a home and building retainer walls. When a constructor installs and waterproofs the bricks well, they can last for many years and retain your home's elegance. However, brickwork suffers damage due to environmental elements and old age, just like any other material. Luckily, you can give your walls a brand new look with brick restoration. 

Here are some of the processes involved during brick restoration.

Repairing the Damaged Mortar

The mortar is the cement mixture that connects the bricks. In a new building, the mortar is strong and attractive. But it weakens as the building ages and becomes prey to weather elements such as the sun, rain and snow. With time, it might disintegrate completely. The mortar can also deteriorate because of poor care, moisture and accidents.

In this situation, brick restoration involves a process called re-pointing. It is the application of water to the bricks to remove the old and poor quality mortar. Once the brickwork constructor has removed the old mortar, they then apply new mortar to preserve your home's structural integrity and appeal. They will also replace loose or compacted bricks to ensure that your walls acquire a uniform look.

Revitalising the Color of the Bricks

Healthy bricks have a rich and brown colour and texture. As time passes, the brick colour fades off and loses lustre due to exposure to water, dust and other environmental contaminants.

Brick restoration will bring back the beauty of the colour and a good touch to the surfaces, giving your house the kind of appeal that makes it stand out from other structures.

Waterproofing the Surfaces

Like other home improvement projects, brick restoration comes at a cost. For that reason, you need to think about the future of your brickwork even after the restoration project. Keep in mind that bricks naturally attract moisture, and when that happens, the mortar gets damaged and begins to disintegrate. Eventually, the bricks will pull apart.

Therefore, ensure that the brick restoration professional has waterproofed the surfaces before completing the project. That way, you will prevent moisture from getting inside the brick and the joints and keep the bricks in perfect condition.

Take time and choose a professional brick restoration expert to assess the condition of your bricks and restore them appropriately. With their help, your walls will last at least a decade longer without significant problems. Contact a brick restoration company for more information.