4 Benefits of Car Park Repairs

The condition and quality of your car park lot can have a major impact on how employees, customers and visitors perceive your business. Regular car park repairs can keep your facilities in excellent condition. It can reduce your car park maintenance costs and create happier customers, keep parking facilities safer and expand your consumer base. Here are 4 reasons to make car park repairs a priority.  Improves Kerb Appeal Kerb appeal is important for every premise. [Read More]

Ideas For Incorporating Coloured Concrete In Your Garden Landscape

Enhancing your garden landscape provides an opportunity to express your creativity and to generate the haven you desire. One material that allows for freedom of expression is concrete. You can decorate it with numerous shades and textures to provide endless looks and design options. Here are some ideas for improving your garden with coloured concreting. Retaining Wall A retaining wall can help to level out a sloping garden, or you can use a barrier to create raised garden beds overflowing with beautiful foliage and flowers. [Read More]

4 Beneficial Reasons to Have Exposed Aggregate in Your Residential Home

Are you opting to have a hard concrete finish for your patio, yard, pool deck or driveway? If so, consider using an exposed aggregate finish. In nearly every home, exposed aggregate is a common theme, due to its artistic looks and sturdiness.  Simply defined, it's a decorative form of concrete with a finish of aggregate rocks, crushed glass or quartzite, among others. Below are four beneficial reasons to consider exposed aggregate finish in your residential home. [Read More]

How to Build the Right Loading Docks for Your New Facility

If you're in the process of setting up a new distribution business, you'll want to design a warehouse facility that can adequately accommodate your initial plans and allow for significant growth. While you will want to pay a lot of attention to the internal configuration to ensure that you can store and move all your goods properly, you also want to pay close attention to the outside and in particular, the apron. [Read More]