Exposed Aggregate: A Guide

If you are planning to have the paving or flooring in your property replaced, you may think that standard concrete is too boring to think about. However, you should consider installing exposed aggregate concrete. Exposed concrete aggregate is an economical way to create a great look for your home. Below is a guide to everything you need to know about exposed aggregate concrete.

Application methods

There are two ways in which exposed aggregate is applied to a surface.

Seeding: The seeding process involves a contractor pouring a layer of standard wet concrete. The contractor will then add decorative materials such as coloured glass, rocks or quartzite to the surface of the wet concrete. When the concrete hardens, the decorative layer will be held firmly in place.

Stripping: The stripping process involves adding the decorative material when the concrete is mixed. The concrete will then be poured into the area you wish to cover. Before the concrete sets, the contractor will rake the concrete to bring the aggregate materials to the surface.

Decorative finishes

Exposed aggregate has much greater appeal compared to standard, smooth, grey concrete. Standard finishes can make your property look dull and bland. Exposed aggregate offers you a wide selection of colours and textures, and this means you can perfectly match the flooring or paving used in your property with the other exterior and interior features.

Additionally, the decorative finishes that are added to the concrete are available in a range of sizes and shapes, and this allows you to add depth and create points of visual interest.

Increased durability

It is a common misconception that the decorative properties of exposed aggregate make it less robust when compared to conventional concrete. However, the fact is that exposed aggregate concrete is as sturdy and durable as standard concrete. This is because of the substrate layer of an exposed aggregate consist of a traditional concrete mix, ensuring a strong foundation that will be resistant to damage and wear. The decorative glass and rocks added to exposed aggregate can actually help to increase the durability and structural integrity of the surface compared to standard concrete, making exposed aggregate an excellent choice for high-use areas.

If you would like further information about the benefits of using exposed aggregate to enhance your property, contact a professional concrete contractor. The contractor will be able to discuss your needs and inspect the work site before offering further recommendations about the best type of concrete for your home.