How to Keep Your Stormwater Pit Working Efficiently

People who frequently suffer from the effects of flooding can install stormwater pits on their properties in order to put an end to that problem. The stormwater pit collects runoff water so that it doesn't cause damage to the property and the environment. The water is then released into the stromwater drainage system slowly. This article discusses some helpful tips that you should implement to ensure that your stormwater pit keeps doing its work.

Keep the Grate Clean

The grate of the stormwater pit is the most important line of defense against water damage when it rains heavily or snow melts. Clogs on the grate that seem to be minor can stop water from flowing through the grate when it rains heavily. You should therefore make sure that the grate is clean at all times so that it is able to deal with any amount of water that will flow during the rainy season.

Relocate Trash Cans

Trashcans can easily tip over and cause garbage to clog the system that is channeling stormwater into the stormwater pit. It is therefore advisable to move your trashcans to a different location if you notice that they tip over often. You can also have those cans emptied more frequently in case space limitations reduce your options of possible placement sites for the trashcans.

Watch the Vicinity of the Pit

The maintenance of the area around a stormwater pit is also vital in ensuring that the stormwater pit functions without any hiccups. For instance, degraded asphalt in the area near the stormwater pit can affect the pit in several ways, such as depositing broken asphalt into the pit until it is no longer able to separate solid materials from the water that is discharged into the stormwater drainage system. Proper maintenance of the vicinity of the stormwater pit will therefore give the pit a chance to do its work seamlessly.

Get a Professional Inspection

It is also necessary to ask a professional to inspect your stormwater pit periodically, such as twice each year. That professional will advise you on how often to have the pit cleaned so that any accumulated sediment or solids don't hinder its performance.

Different types of stormwater pits have different maintenance requirements. Add the tips above to the specific maintenance practices recommended for the particular type of pit that you install on your property so that you can put an end to flooding on your property.